The Forgotten Characters of Canadia, Part II

Continuing on with our cavalcade of compromised characters, this time I’m showing characters that we’ve been planning to use in our underground levels.



Initially there was a lot of talk about moving the bulk of the gameplay into the mines, so that would’ve called for some more down-to-earth characters. (Pun intended.)

Since we already had the lumberjack cutting down wood above the ground, we thought that it would be a great idea to have a miner version of him doing equivalent tasks underground. As the game was starting to get more and more streamlined in terms of gameplay and controls, the concept of a miner took the back seat.

Another character idea I was playing around with was a sort of feral gnome. Yep, we planned to have gnomes in the game. The story of the feral gnome is that he was originally just a regular miner gnome, but because of a freak mining accident he got separated from his other miner gnome friends and was forced to feed on rats and insects for decades. Perhaps a bit gruesome and scary for a game that’s targeting all ages!

The picture on the right just has some various gnome sketches as well as a terrifying mole monster, which I guess was more of a personal palette cleanser rather than anything worthwhile.

Next time: lots of robots!