The Forgotten Characters of Canadia, Part I

Lots of silly characters inhabit the fictional world of Canadia, but only some of them make the cut and get to have a role in WoodChopper. We’ll be posting a multi-part list of some of the characters that are on the chopping board (no chopper pun intended). We’re never ruling out adding in characters later, but that depends on how the game does.




The Raccoon Brothers

We originally thought we could have a set of mafioso-like anthropomorphic characters running the in-game store. It’s still possible we’ll put them in, but that depends on how the final UI takes shape.

Barry the Boar

Barry’s effectively done, with animations and everything. We might still put him in, if we can come up with a good use for him!

Old headbutt animation of the in-game Barry.

The Beaver

The beaver was planned as a minigame character. The minigame would’ve involved you grabbing moving logs from a river and delivering them as fast as you can so the beaver’s dam could go up in time. There’s a distinct possibility the beaver could still very well make it in.

The Eagle

The eagle was going to be one of the few hostile NPC’s in the game, flying above you and dropping rocks to protect his territory. I don’t think eagles are even that territorial.

The Mole

The mole was specced as a sidekick to Chip the Chopper. He/she was meant to be able to help out in puzzles that involved getting into tight places and possibly digging up dirt for various purposes.

Mommy Bird

One of the original puzzles we had planned involved helping the mommy bird move her nest and chicks into a safe area, away from the wood chopping operation.

The Giant Bumblebees

The bees were planned as late game NPC’s where the evil corporation’s purple goo has mutated all living things, including the bumblebees. Their function was always a bit nebulous, but I thought they looked funny.

There are plenty more characters to cover, which we’ll go over in the next few blog posts. Stay tuned!