Still kicking

Wow. Hi!

You may remember our blog from way back. This is where we chronicled the comings and goings of our company, as well as posted all sorts of development tidbits pertaining to our first game, WoodChopper. A few years may have passed since we last posted, but we’re now back and are on the last stretch on our newest mobile game called GunTruck.

You might ask what happened to that cartoony helicopter game we worked on for many years. Well, we released it on Windows Phone in october of 2014, racked up over 130K downloads, had the game featured, received great reviews and didn’t make a dime off it. It was a priceless learning experience and we were all proud of what we made, but there wasn’t any sense in porting the game or developing it further.

I think they’re sunsetting Windows Phone as a platform, but as of writing this the game is still up on the store so it’s not too late to check it out if you have a WP8 device.

Before settling on our current project, we worked on a bunch of prototypes, none of which have really seen the light of day. That’d definitely be something fun to share in the future and tell you what worked and what didn’t.

It’s fun to be back, see you again soon!