New head office

This the beginning of our second week in our new home. We have moved temporarily to the office of Lappeenranta University of Technology Entrepreneurship Society, or LUTES. Which is a organization led by students promoting entrepreneurship. We had applied  for their Summer Launchpad -startup program, which is held in the same building, and took a bit of a head start.

I learned of LUTES back in late 2012 when I began exploring the idea of starting my own company. I attended a couple of their events, that were about book keeping services and public funding options in Finland, amongst other things. Very useful information indeed. Fast forward a few months, I’ve put all that info into use. We established our company in June and in October 2013 I was one of the speakers at their Press Start – gaming industry seminar.

The business incubator project which provided our last office was coming to an end. When your budget is as limited as ours, options for office space are equally limited. We we’re almost ready to resort working from home, when we offered the possibility to temporarily take residence in the LUTES office. The summer we will be staying at the Student Union building anyway, since we’re taking part in the Summer Launchpad program.

Moving to the new office felt quite familiar, we have taken part in numerous LAN parties in the same building during our studies. So hauling computers to there is almost routine.  The office itself is the nicest one we have ever had the privilege to inhabit, with the exception of our week long stay at Chartboost in San Francisco. Fully furnished with a fridge!

I’d like to thank the gals & guys of LUTES for putting up with us for the last week.

You can follow LUTES on Twitter, so check them out!