Headnought and it's highly motivated team is located in Lappeenranta, Finland.

Since our founding in 2013 our team has been developing our own games and helping other companies in games development.

What does Headnought really mean? It’s a simple combination of the words ’head’ and ’nought’, with ’head’ meaning that we’re able to achieve anything when we put our heads together. ’Nought’ stands for ideas not being worth much unless we truly put our backs in to them and put everything we have into making them a reality.

It could also be described as a state of mind where the ego doesn’t dictate actions, and only the purest idea lives on long enough to be executed on.

Get to know us below.

Pauli Jutila

CEO, Co-Founder

Pauli is an experienced project and customer lead. Games have always been a passion, so running a games studio is a dream come through. Pauli has been the company’s CEO since the start and pushing Headnought for the first major growth leap from indie game studio to be established game studio with technology and content power.

+358 449 810 601

Valtteri Kekki-Ishihara

CTO, Co-Founder

Valtteri is an extremely seasoned guy well versed in sales and the technical side of things. Valtteri is leading Headnought´s business development and working with our customers in concept and content creation.

+358 44 054 6974

Miikka Kosonen

Lead developer, Co-Founder

Miika has a great ability to identify and conceptualize structure in the code to great well-designed architecture for any software project. He is the mastermind behind the Flamingo Framework and our resident Unity specialist and consultant.


Joona Kosonen

Animation, R&D, Co-Founder

Joona is a brilliant game developer and world-class animator. He breathes life into our games like none other and makes them jump off the screen! He also works in our customer projects as a developer and a Unity specialist.


Saku Hatakka

Artist, Co-Founder

Saku is a highly versatile 2D & 3D artist behind the vibrant and evocative graphics of both GunTruck and WoodChopper. His design has a unique touch and his work always comes out polished. Regardless of the size of the project, he puts his heart and soul to finalize the look.